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Past, present, and into the future – Yamaki katsuobushi bonito flakes and dashi broth.

Past, present, and into the future – Yamaki, the Katsuobushi & Dashi Company

 Yamaki was established as a kezuribushi (dried fish flakes and their mixture) manufacturer more than a century ago by Toyokichi Kido in Iyo city, Ehime, Japan. Since then, we have steadily grown while maintaining our devotion to provide the various values of Katsuobushi (boiled and dried-smoked skipjack tuna, also commonly known as Bonito) flakes and Dashi. We greatly appreciate that our journey would not have been possible without the warm support of all our customers and business partners.

 We have been continuously inspired and encouraged by our customers desire for “deliciousness” and have worked to enhance the spread of values of Katsuobushi and Dashi. We have developed a series of popular, long-loved products such as hana-katsuo (thinly shaved flakes of Katsuobushi), katsuo packs (Katsuobushi flakes in small packs), dashinomoto (flavor seasoning), "Men Tsuyu" (liquid concentrated Japanese noodle soup base), “Kappo Shirodashi” (Dashi based liquid seasoning), and nabetsuyu (liquid seasoning for Japanese hot-pot (nabe) cooking). Recently, along with retail market items, Yamaki has been proactively developing products for the food service and vendor industry and aggressively expanding overseas business opportunities. In addition to the taste and flavor values, Yamaki is seeking to spread and deliver the health values of Katsuobushi & Dashi to all people.

 As we head into the future, we will never lose sight of Yamaki’s key priorities. First, our social responsibilities as the Katsuobushi & Dashi Company. Secondly, our appreciation of nature and our commitment to promote and nourish a healthy environment for skipjack tuna. And lastly, but equally important, our credo of “Trust is the Foundation of Everything.” We, Yamaki members, will work together and provide the versatile values of Japanese originated Katsuobushi & Dashi to customers around the world. We will move forward to be the leading Katsuobushi & Dashi Company that contributes to the whole of society.
We look forward to your continuous and warmest support.

Yoshihiro Kido President & CEO, Yamaki

Yoshihiro Kido
President & CEO, Yamaki

Company Credo

Company Outline

Company name:
Yamaki Co., Ltd.
Yoshihiro Kido, President & CEO
Head office:
1698-6 Kominato, Iyo-shi, Ehime, Japan 799-3194
April 1917
Business description:
Food manufacturing and sales
100 million yen
43 billion yen (For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022)
704 (As of April 2022)
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For more than a century, with passion and pride, Yamaki has been committed to being a manufacturer specializing in Katsuobushi (boiled and dried-smoked skipjack tuna) flakes and Dashi products. Yamaki has followed and evolved the Japanese tradition of producing delicious Dashi from Katsuobushi flakes for the enjoyment of as many people as possible. This is our never-changing spirit since our establishment.

  • Period of Foundation

    1917 - 1934

    Was established as a company focusing on the future prospects of the kezuribushi (dried fish flakes and their mixture) business. Had overcome numerous struggles and turbulent days, and expanded our sales channels.

    • 1917

      Opened the Kido Toyokichi Store (beginning of Yamaki history). Started manufacturing of kezuribushi and launched “hana-katsuo (thinly shaved flakes of Katsuobushi)”

    • 1931

      Opened the Tokyo branch.

  • Period of Turbulence

    1935 - 1944

    Had continued good business performance, but steep drop due to the World War ll.
    Built a new factory but was forced to close our entire business in cooperation with Japanese national government policy.

    • 1937

      Inauguration of a new factory.

    • 1944

      Closed our business discontinuation due to the Re-establishing Business Enterprises Ordinance.

  • Period of Resurgence

    1945 - 1965

    New step for resuming our business after World War II. United as one, had overcome difficult situations with an unbreakable spirit.

    • 1947

      Resumed our business after World War II.

    • 1950

      Reorganized into Co., Ltd (limited liability corporation).

  • Period of Expansion

    1966 - 2006

    With our future perspective, established new business hubs in major economic regions, and developed new products to meet the consumer needs.

    • 1966

      Established new business hubs in major economic regions (established Osaka Yamaki Co., Ltd.).

    • 1971

      Changed company name to Yamaki Co., Ltd.

    • 1979

      Evolved into a comprehensive Dashi manufacturer with the launch of “Men Tsuyu” (liquid concentrated Japanese noodle soup base).

    • 1994

      Started development of new market by the launch of “Kappo Shirodashi” (dashi based liquid seasoning) all-in-one liquid seasoning that does not alter the color of the cuisine.

    • 1998

      Acquired ISO9002 and HACCP certifications simultaneously.

    • 2005

      Opened of Katsuobushi & Dashi Research Laboratory.
      Acquired ISO14001 certification.

  • Period of Transition

    2007 - 2009

    The 90th anniversary. Yoshihiro Kido assumed the position of President.
    Leap forward to the leading Dashi Company.

    • 2007

      Concluded the Capital & Business Agreement with Ajinomoto Co., Inc.
      Yoshihiro Kido assumed the position of President.

    • 2008

      Established Yamaki (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. and started local production and sales in China.

  • Period of Dramatic Growth

    2010 - 2016

    Sincere pursuit of “Monozukuri (manufacturing the products) ” as a supporting member of Japanese food culture.

    • 2014

      Established Yamaki (Shanghai) Food Co., Ltd. and constructed a new factory of liquid seasoning in China.

    • 2015

      Participated in Japan Salone at EXPO 2015 MILANO.

  • Present and the next 100 years

    • 2017

      Established YAMAKI KOREA Co.,Ltd
      The 100th anniversary. Renewed the corporate identity (CI) mark.

    • 2018

      Established Yamaki USA, Inc.

    • 2019

      Acquired Yours Maldivian Addu Katsuobushi PVT.LTD (YMAK) as a subsidiary. Aim to contribution to sustainable fishery ingredients procurement and achievement of SDGs by the acquisition of MSC Chain of Custody certification.

    • 2020

      Acquired FSSC22000 global standards by four Yamaki factories in Japan for the further enhancement of food safety.